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This website is designed and maintained by Aston University on behalf of Task 34 of the IEA Bioenergy Agreement through the Implementing Agreement on Bioenergy, which forms part of a programme of international energy technology collaboration undertaken under the auspices of the International Energy Agency.

Bio-oil standardization

The task will seek to support the implementation of standard methods for the use of bio-oil. Specific efforts will include the establishment of EN standards as required for use of bio-oil as a burner fuel, both heavy and light grades, and technical specifications for internal combustion engine fuel, as well as feedstock to gasification and refinery coprocessing, as specified in the recent Mandate from the European Commission (EC). Support and input toward the ASTM specifications and standards development will continue. An effort will be made to facilitate transfer of the European Union (EU) developed standards to the ASTM process in order to coordinate standards. Technical input to the REACH process for registering bio-oil for commercial use in Europe will also be provided as needed, including SIEF information exchange forum, assistance to companies in pyrolysis oil data collection and processing, and drafting a new MSDS.

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