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This website is designed and maintained by Aston University on behalf of Task 34 of the IEA Bioenergy Agreement through the Implementing Agreement on Bioenergy, which forms part of a programme of international energy technology collaboration undertaken under the auspices of the International Energy Agency.

Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of thermochemical liquefaction technologies

The participating countries in Task 34 identified a need to update an earlier IEA Bioenergy techno-economic assessment (TEA) of biomass liquefaction technologies in light of new developments in finished fuel production, as well as changes in the economic climate since the earlier reports from the 1980s.   

The comparative TEAs will be derived from an initial review of potential process options for transformation of biomass to transportation fuels through pyrolytic routes. The expectation is that representative process models can be developed including detailed process flow diagrams, mass and energy balances, equipment sizing and costing with overall operating and capital cost calculations performed on a uniform basis, which allows useful internal comparison. These TEAs should include extensive elemental balance in order that environmental impacts can be judged and Life-Cycle Analyses completed. The outcome of this effort should be valuable to biomass producers, users, government decision makers, as well as other stakeholders.

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